VistaPoint Operator Consoles

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NEW! VistaPoint "Lite" Stand-Alone Console (no server needed)

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One-Stop Shop for All of your Attendant Console Needs

  • You can select the Console(s) that best meet your needs and budget
  • All Consoles are compatible with UCM v6.x-10.5 and BE6K
  • Receive a full credit when upgrading from "Lite" console to a server-based consoles
  • The very best overall value on the market today with over 10,000 deployments worldwide

    We offer several Consoles options to choose from:

    "Lite" Console - No server needed, installs in minutes (datasheet)

    Client-Based Console - scalability to 600+ consoles per server (datasheet)
    WebConsole - Browser-based console runs in Firefox, Chrome, or IE (datasheet)
    Agent Console - Built-in CAD allows agents quickly log in/out of UCCX (datasheet)

    DeskBar - Extends VistaPoint technology to every employee's desktop (datasheet))

    Key Features…
    • Transparently migrate your CallManager to the latest version
    • Monitor presence and availability Phone, IPC, Jabber, and MS Lync
    • Integrated with Microsoft Exchange/365 and Google (calendar and status)
    • Integrated with any combination of UCM, LDAP, ODBC, or CSV Directories
    • Integrated with InformaCast - paging and notification services
    • Built-in ACD with call queuing with call routing and web-based reports
    • Concurrent Licensing (reduces your deployment costs)
    • Compatible with VMware and Hyper-V
    • Windows 2008 32 and 64-bit - Win 2012 also supported on UCM 10.x or higher
    • Scalability: Up to 600 Consoles per VistaPoint server
    • HA option is available

    If looking for a replacement to the Cisco AC or an alternative to the CUAC Standard v10 Console, we invite you to schedule a 45-minute web-based demo as well as an in-house trial to confirm that our consoles meet ALL of your needs.

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