Finesse Widgets

VistaPoint Finesse Widgets Overview

iQ’s Finesse Widget bundle consists of two VistaPoint Finesse widgets that are integrated with the VistaPoint WebConsole. The bundle is licensed for each site for an unlimited number of users.

Finesse Agent Widget – provides a simple, easy-to-use interface for UCCX/E agents to log in/out of their ACD queues and to quickly modify their availability as needed. Calling party information is displayed using variables retrieved from UCCX/E.

Finesse Agent Status Widget – provides a real-time view of each agent’s status. perfect tool for operators that need to transfer calls directly to specific UCCX/E agents.

The VistaPoint Finesse widgets are HTML5-compatible and run inside any browser. Best of all, they are tightly integrated with the VistaPoint WebConsole so that agents can access powerful presence and call control features when handling calls.


Take a closer look at some of the features available:

WebConsole is a browser-based console that makes use of panels to provide access to calls, corporate directories, widgets, customer data, and much more. Panels can be displayed inside the console so that it effectively becomes a call processing dashboard, supporting drag-and-drop call processing with access to web pages, data files, third-party components, and, of course, Finesse widgets. A custom toolbar provides users with access to these features and services.

Answering Service

  • Called Number Identified client name displayed
  • Salutation for this client is displayed
  • Special call handling instructions are provided
  • Contact information displayed
  • Emergency procedures provided
  • User can insert comments specific to the call
  • Time and date stamp inserted into record

The VistaPoint WebConsole was designed to provide Cisco UCCX/E agents the ability to log in/out of their queues and have access to powerful call handling features, while also allowing for the capturing of data during the call. The WebConsole can access directories and data files needed to process calls. Several key features of WebConsole include:

  • Connects to multiple UCM, AD, ODBC directories w/presence
  • Setup ad-hoc conference calls
  • Dynamic Phone Book for locating requested party
  • Real-time BLF w/presence and availability
  • Drag & Drop call processing
  • WebView – Access any URL and supports iframes

Cisco’s Jabber Guest can be used to support two-way audio/video calls between your website visitors and WebConsole. You customer simply clicks on a pre-configured button on your website. Cisco UCM sets up a bridge between the website caller and an available WebConsole user. If customer is using a webcam, a two-way video call is established, allowing for a personal touch with your customers. For additional information see here

Your VistaPoint ACD operators/agents make use of our WebConsole to visually see each call they are processing. The WebConsole also includes a unique feature known as WebView. WebView can be used to access web pages when processing calls. For example an inbound customer service center could quickly open and track support tickets. The Phone Book can be used to quickly locate and transfer callers.

Web Console Features

  • Server-based solution – no desktop software needed
  • Dynamic Call List – displays active calls and all calls in queue
  • Handle multiple calls from multiple sources simultaneously
  • Real-Time BLF – see status of all devices (phone, Jabber, Lync, IPC)
  • Phone Book – links to UCM and Active Directory, ODBC, CSV files
  • Consoles can perform data dips to locate and display caller’s record(s)
  • WebConsole supports Cisco phone, Jabber, or IPC for audio/video calls
  • WebConsole includes WebView, which is used to access URLs
  • Setup Conference calls, Join calls, park and unpark calls etc.

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