DeskBar with Click-To-Call

Product Description

Extends VistaPoint’s technology to every employee’s desktop. The DeskBar delivers click-to-call from within AD or the Cisco UCM directory. When an operator parks a call the DeskBar user will receive a parked call notification and is able to redirect to voicemail or “swap” between active and parked call.

Built-in call control, emergency 9-1-1 alerts, ability to update status, browser-based busy lamp field, and many other features are included with this low-cost add-on tool.

Important Note: Status updates are persistent and remain active even when the user’s PC is off-line. Console users can update an individual’s status when necessary.

  • Emergency 911 Alerts
  • Click-to-Call Contacts
  • Integrated with Active Directory
  • Integrated with CUCM directory
  • Receive Parked Call notifications
  • Insert Custom Status Note
  • Browser-based BLF

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