Section 508 Compliance Statement

Section 508 Electronic Information and Technology Accessibility Standards Compliance Statement

Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, mandates that when the federal government purchases most electronic information and technology, including software, it must ensure that the electronic information and technology provides access to and use of information or data to federal government employees with disabilities that is comparable to the access provided to federal government employees without disabilities. Additionally, under the act, the federal government is also obligated to provide access to information and data to members of the public with disabilities that is comparable to the access provided to the public without disabilities.

  • iQ NetSolutions regards 508 compliance and accessibility strategic and important components of our user experience and product design.
  • 508 compliance and accessibility are critical elements of our design, development, testing and documentation efforts.
  • Our entire product team, from design to development to testing and documentation, receive annual training in 508 compliance and techniques.
  • New employees in design, development, testing and documentation are briefed in 508 compliance and trained with the existing techniques and requirements.
  • User interface and user experience techniques to comply with 508 are introduced from the initial design stages, are employed throughout the development stage, and are validated during the testing stage.
  • Our testing stage employs 508 compliance and accessibility use cases to measure each product’s adherence.
  • While there is no formal, unified certification or testing for 508 compliance, IQ NetSolutions utilizes the 508 self-assessment at each release.
  • IQ NetSolutions uses industry-standard tools to test 508 compliance (e.g. display and automated legibility).

IQ NetSolutions understands the importance of technology accessibility to our customers. We are committed to providing accessible software and documentation for the best user experience as well as to comply with Section 508.

The self-evaluation document is available on-line for review: