Looking for a Robust ACD Solution for Cisco UCM?

VistaPoint ACD is very unique in that it allows agents to handle more than one call at a time. Most ACD platforms limit the number of calls an agent can actively have at any one time to just one. However, VistaPoint’s ACD will allow agents to take additional calls from any source to include code calls, shared lines, other queues, and prioritize each as needed. That is why it is the perfect fit for operators who need to handle multiple calls from various sources during peak periods.

Designed for operator pools and call centers from 5 to 100 agents. VistaPoint’s ACD Module is an affordable call queuing and routing solution for Cisco UC customers. When considering your options you will find that VistaPoint ACD fills the void between Cisco’s Native Call Queuing and Cisco Contact Center Express (CCX).

Call Routing, Queuing, and Reporting in one Affordable Package

VistaPoint ACD resides on your VistaPoint Enterprise server and leverages your existing Cisco UCM and Unity Connection platforms to provide greetings, play prompts, and then intelligently distribute calls to available agents. When all agents are busy callers can be placed into queues pending the next available agent. For existing VistaPoint customers…you already own the hardware and software…The VistaPoint ACD Module maximizes that investment.

Major Benefits

The VistaPoint ACD Module is a software solution that is installed on the VistaPoint “Enterprise” Server. As such, it can take advantage all other “Enterprise” components and modules. These include High Availability (HA), Call Tracker, Call Assist, SMS Messaging, and much more. Included with the ACD Module is a web-based reporting for supervisors to view queue and agent statistics. Need custom reports? No problem…all call details are stored in an SQL data file so that 3rd-party reporting tools can also be used to extract the data and create custom reports.

  • Agent Greeting – automatically plays agent’s greeting to callers reducing fatigue
  • Automatic call distribution to longest idle operator/agent
  • Automatic log out of agent if they do not answer a call from the queue
  • Agent can “Decline” a call
  • Automatically log out agents at a specific time of day/night
  • Make Busy with Reason Codes
  • Site Licensed – no need to purchase additional ACD licenses for new users
  • CTI Enabled to perform data dips and display caller’s record (CRM)
  • Does not require custom scripting like other ACD packages
  • Quickly add/remove agents and queues
  • Redirect calls away from the queue on the fly
  • Up to 100 active “concurrent” agents and 100 call queues
  • Agents can log into multiple queues
  • Agents can Park and Retrieve from Park
  • Agents can handle multiple calls simultaneously from multiple queues
  • Respond to Code Calls even while on another call
  • Includes historical reporting package (queue, agent, extension statistics)
  • Includes Supervisor tools
  • Includes historical web-based reporting
  • Can be used to front-end CCX/E call centers
  • Very affordable alternative to UCCX
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    Want to learn more about the VistaPoint ACD module, including a full feature list and requirements? Visit the VistaPoint ACD Module Features page.

ACD Reporting

Included with the ACD Module is a web-based reporting tool for use by supervisors needing to view queue and agent statistics. Need custom reports? No problem…all call details are stored in an SQL data file so that 3rd-party reporting tools can also be used to extract the data and create custom reports.

  • Simple and easy to setup and administer – no scripting
  • Queue Statistics – Calls offered, abandoned, redirected and more
  • Queue Statistics by Called Number
  • Agent Statistics (Incoming) – Summary of each agent’s received / redirected calls
  • Automatically log out agents at a specific time of day/night
  • Extension Statistics – Call activity of all Cisco devices
  • Redirect Statistic – Call redirection
  • Agent Activity – Summary of each agent’s processed calls by time interval
  • Agent Availability – Details on when and for how long an agent was working with call queues
  • Queue Activity – Summary of all calls in queue by time interval
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting to create custom reports using 3rd-party report generators

 VistaPoint ACD Report Generator – Main Menu:

Click here to view ACD Reports Datasheet

Supervisor Tools – Agent and Queue Management

For VistaPoint ACD Supervisors, the ACD Module includes a number of features to assist with managing call center resources. From their own VistaPoint Console, ACD Supervisors can:

  • View (real-time) agent state changes (busy, idle, etc.)
  • Silent Monitor Agent/Caller Interaction
  • Whisper Coaching – only Agent hears your comments
  • Barge – Take control of the call
  • View all calls in all queues (real-time)
  • Redirect any call from the queue to your phone
  • See connected party for each agent (CallerID/Name)
  • View direction of each agent’s call (inbound/outbound)

Queued Calls

Calls are automatically parked (queued) for the next available agent. As agents become available these calls are instantly redirected to those agents. The Call Park DNs are configured in CallManager and you can define the MoH and reversion timers. When the reversions timer expires you can determine if the caller should continue to hear the MoH (loop) or be redirected to another number (phone, queue, call handler, etc.).
This is a Queued Call that is waiting for a Customer Support Agent:

Here are two calls from different Call Queues. Operator/agent can retrieve any call from any queue to prioritize call handling:

Queued Calls Sample Report:

Click here to view ACD Reports Datasheet

Agent Interface

Your operators/agents will make use of a VistaPoint Console to answer and process calls. This Console is a feature-rich application that provides a single interface from which to answer calls, view caller’s record, locate requested party, and check their availability when handling calls.

  • View (real-time) agent state changes (busy, idle, etc.)
  • Dynamic Call List – displays all active calls and all calls being offered to the queue
  • AutoPark Panel – displays all callers (by Caller ID and Name) waiting for an agent
  • Ability to handle multiple calls from multiple sources simultaneously
  • Real-Time BLF – see presence status of all devices (phone, Jabber, Lync, IPC)
  • Presence-based Phone Book – links to UCM, Active Directory, ODBC, CSV files
  • Operators can cherry-pick calls from the queue (even while on another call)
  • Built-in scripting tool can perform data dips to locate and display caller’s record(s)
  • WebConsole operators can choose between their Cisco phone or Jabber
  • WebConsole includes WebView supporting add-on data collection modules
  • Setup Conference calls, Join calls, park and unpark calls etc.

VistaPoint Operator/Agent Console:


VistaPoint ACD Toolbar with Custom Button to Fetch Caller CRM Record:

ACD Toolbar showing Reason Codes. These can be customized by supervisors.

VistaPoint WebConsole

WebConsole offers that “Single Pane of Glass” needed by agents to access all of your web-based services from within a single application. Designed to allow users to quickly move from one service to another answering and processing calls, locating information, accessing resources, collecting data, and communicate with others.  support multiple disparate panels, Your operators/agents can choose a client-based console or the browser-based console (WebConsole). Both are very similar in appearance with the WebConsole offering a few additional benefits.


VistaPoint Call Tracker Module

Do you needs to collect date on every call? Call Tracker can be fully customized so that your operators are prompted on what questions to ask in the order needed. Details about the call, such as calling party information is automatically collected along with time/date stamp, person taking the call, purpose of the call etc.

Call Tracker is an add-on module that makes it easy for your operators to identify callers and collect data in real-time for each call being processed. A great tool for operators who need to track and account for each call.

Click here to download the Call Tracker datasheet

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